The Festival Structure

The main competition will be at the center of the festival:

– The competition of the artistic movie with full feature.

But the special session will be its attraction as well. The most important and special will be:

–  The Inter-border film session

There are conflicts all around the world and the border collaboration is subject for dozens of films. These films will compete with each others

The short film session 

The documentary on tourism film session

The competition of the Movie Academies

The Albanian films which aren’t selected in this selection will compete with each other in an official special session of the festival. This session tries not to exclude any serious cinematographic act produced in Albania.

– It will be a FOKUS session for the film of the South-Eastern Europe. This session aims to arrive at the complete recognition of the region cinema, which is almost unknown to the whole continent. FOKUS is planned to be organized divided by countries. So, every year will be presented the cinema of one country.

– During the Festival will be organized some Workshops. Their goals are getting to know the news of the cinema in terms of technology, managing and the policies of the films. This session will take place at the Film-Forum.

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