Director’s Speech

Proud to be part of a new cultural tradition            ______________________________________________

DEA 2018 - EDI Foto“Any culture is born in mixing, in interaction, in confrontation. Conversely it is in isolation that culture dies”,- wrote the great Mexican writer, Octavio Paz.

I am proud that even today, on the 5th anniversary of DEA OPEN AIR International Film Festival, we also can talk about a new cultural tradition, born like this!

Not for nothing!

Film is perhaps the most potent means of exchanging ideas, as is music, theatre and art. And in the next seven festival days there is room for exactly that. The Festival gives the stage to filmmakers and artists and of course to the audience, to be immersed in beautiful and inspiring cinema. You will discover works that tackle big topics like issues of gender, race, social status and politics as well as intimate works that highlight themes of our personal lives or of the art of cinema itself. It will be quite a discovery.

This is why cultural events, such as this Festival, which enable these direct exchanges and a direct dialogue between different ways of looking at reality, are so important.

Culture is about the meanings we ascribe to the world. And, each culture describes the world in a different way. Thus, it is vital to find ways to engage with each other and to learn from each other.

It is very important that artists and citizens in general can create and express themselves in freedom.

The festival’s geography, the diversity of ideas and the variety of generations is a direct expression of freedom of creation in this competition as well.

Cinema speaks a universal language. It has meaning and relevance for all people, regardless of their national, cultural or social backgrounds. Films bring diversity to the fore, while also underscoring the values, the feelings and the longings that we all share as human beings.

Everyday we are fed a seemingly unstoppable flow of images. Whether we like it or not, the stories they convey have an impact on how we view the world and ourselves. But it is up to us to decide whether to stay glued to the repetitive stream of easy-answer-imagery or to open our minds to alternative visions that inspire us; images and stories that ask questions and broaden our horizons: this is cinema!

I thank you all for being here with us tonight, and I wish you a wonderful screening.

Let the magic begin!




Edmond TOPI

Festival Director


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