Awards 2023


1. DEA for the best Film (Feature Film Competition)
EO – Jerzy Skolimowski (Poland)

2. DEA for the best director (Feature Film Competition)
Sophie Linnenbaum – The Ordinaries (Germany)


3. DEA for the best script (Feature Film Competition)
Sophie Linnenbaum, Michael Fetter Nathansky – The Ordinaries (Germany)


4. DEA for the best camera (photography) (Feature Film Competition)
Fejmi Daut – The Business of Pleasure (North Macedonia)


5. DEA for the best actor/actress (Feature Film Competition)
Ane Dahl Torp – Charter (Sweden)


6. DEA SPECIAL MENTION for the best actor (Feature Film Competition)
Alon de Vrijes – Touch me (Izrael)


7. DEA for the Best Film (Short Film Competition)
On my father’s grave – Jawahine Zentar (France)


8. DEA for the Best Film(Student Film Competition)
Lethal Shopping – Mahay Alayon, Spain


9. DEA for the Best Film (Dokumentary Film Competition)
Metamorfosis – Michele Fasano (Italy)


10. The Media Award (Special Prize) (Short Film Competition)
Just the two of us – Clara Lemaire Anspach (France)


11. The Media Award (Special Prize) (Feature Film Competition)
Charter – Amanda Kernell (Sweden)


12. DEA – Gratitude Award (Lifetime Achievement Award)


13. DEA Homage (Commemorative Award)      


14. Tirana Audience Award
“Butterflies” – Bujar Alimani

17. University of Arts Award
“University of Pristina” – Ekrem Xani

The cinema is trying to overcome a serious crisis …
This time a global crisis …
This is not the first cinema crisis …
It is not even its first global crisis …

But in contrast to its previous crises – outside it or partially inside it, this
crisis threatened and still threatens the motive of the existence of cinema
in modern times …,
the desire to consume the film together…

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