BIn Ulpiana, village near Pristina today, there was once standing one of the oldest synagogues in Europe. In 1912 there resided roughly 3000 Jews in that region. They lived in a great relationship with the local Albanian population, mutually respecting each other. But their fate begins to change during the Second World War. Among other things, in Pristina, in 1942. A concentration camp was built for Jews who were sent to the camp, and from there on to other camps across Europe….


Jakov Sedlar



The cinema is trying to overcome a serious crisis …
This time a global crisis …
This is not the first cinema crisis …
It is not even its first global crisis …

But in contrast to its previous crises – outside it or partially inside it, this
crisis threatened and still threatens the motive of the existence of cinema
in modern times …,
the desire to consume the film together…

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