Inspired by Farid al-Din ‘Attar’s “The Conference of the Birds“, the film tells of a flock of birds traveling towards the Mountain of Kafh, the home of King Simourgh, from which they expect to receive answers to all their questions. Most of them get lost along the way, except for the 4 of them who will make experience of 4 human being’s life: Monika (Albania), Abdurrahman (Turkey), Jihad (Syria) and Susan (Israel). Characters very different from each other, in terms of age, gender, culture and religion, territory of origin and mythologies, geographical landscapes and historical and psychological backgrounds.



106 minutes


Michele Fasano


Michele Fasano

The cinema is trying to overcome a serious crisis …
This time a global crisis …
This is not the first cinema crisis …
It is not even its first global crisis …

But in contrast to its previous crises – outside it or partially inside it, this
crisis threatened and still threatens the motive of the existence of cinema
in modern times …,
the desire to consume the film together…

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