Running water does not carry poison

A woman secretly sneaks into the house where her ex-partner lives, once the home of both of them. As if it were a ritual, she enjoys for the last time that place, she regains possession of it, trying to overcome the pain it evokes. And eventually, she succeeds, in her own way, with a token gesture on the edge of revenge. An intimate story that narrates Matilde’s wound through the house metaphor: nest-place, the concretization of lost love


Letizia Zatti



The cinema is trying to overcome a serious crisis …
This time a global crisis …
This is not the first cinema crisis …
It is not even its first global crisis …

But in contrast to its previous crises – outside it or partially inside it, this
crisis threatened and still threatens the motive of the existence of cinema
in modern times …,
the desire to consume the film together…

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