documentary Film Jury

Ledia Dushi

Head of the Jury

Ledia Dushi was born in Shkodra in 1978. She completed her undergraduate degree in language and literature at the Luigj Gurakuqi University in Shkodra. For her doctorate, she studied at the Academy of Albanology Studies in Tirana. Ledia Dushi is a poet, essayist, translator, and scholar. As a poet, she is the author of four volumes of poetry. She has also translated into Albanian authors such as Umberto Eco, Gabriele D’Annunzio, Cesare Pavese, Alda Merini, Carlos Ruis Zafon, Jane Austin, and Hilary Mantel, etc. As a scholar, her research subject is religious rites and structures, especially death rites in Northern Albania as well as apotropaic rites. She is the winner of the Silver Feather award, 1998, for her first volume of poems “Ave Maria turns to tears”. She has published four collections of poetry; her last collection is “nji fiej t’thellë gjaku” by Onufri (2019). Dushi has participated in many poetry festivals, international book fairs, and various residencies for writers in Europe. Her poetry has been translated into several languages.

Vllasova Musta

Member of the Jury

Vllasova Musta is an Albanian poet and screenwriter. She was born in Gjirokastra on April 8, 1949. She graduated in Language and Literature (1971). Then she worked as an editor at the “New Albania” cinema studio. In the years 1975-1976, he continued the post-graduate studies in directing. In the period 1999-2002, she was the director of “Albafilm studio”. Musta has published several poetry collections, such as “And the volunteers started” (1970), “Without cover” (1970), ” When the buds hatch” (1984), etc. as well as several scripts for documentary and animated films, which have stood out for their conception with taste and culture, such as “Tefta Tashko Koço Sings”, ” Near the first steps”, “New Residents on the Ion” (Winner of first prize at the 1st Albanian Film Festival, 1976), “Reborn Dropull”, “The Master and his students”, “The meteor of the stage”, etc.

Kliton Nesturi

Member of the Jury

Kliton Nesturi is a poet, journalist and screenwriter. He finished his studies at the University of Tirana, for Language and Literature. Since 1997, he has been dedicated to television journalism. He is author of many programs and documentaries on RTSH and RTK. In the documentary genre, he has participated in several international festivals. Kliton Nesturi is the author of nine literary works in poetry, prose, essays and drama. He currently works at Albanian Radio and Television.

The cinema is trying to overcome a serious crisis …
This time a global crisis …
This is not the first cinema crisis …
It is not even its first global crisis …

But in contrast to its previous crises – outside it or partially inside it, this
crisis threatened and still threatens the motive of the existence of cinema
in modern times …,
the desire to consume the film together…

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